There are dozens of running clubs in Houston, Texas. Running is a very popular sport in this area and people in the area are fond of meetups and taking advantage of the scenic parks and the weather, which is often very agreeable to running. Many of the running clubs in Houston are set up along different groups and interests, such as marathon running, barefoot running, mothers who run, young professionals, religion and simply running for health and recreation. There are those who run for specific humanitarian purposes, as well. Many of the meetups take place in local parks and continue around trails, paths and roads. These clubs are motivating, inspiring and a great way to meet people and make friends. Different clubs will offer incentives, making it very important to sign their sign-up sheets to be notified of upcoming events and activities.
The Houston Area Road Runners Association, HARRA, is a nonprofit association that promotes running as a competitive sport and an exercise to promote health in the area. There are benefits and services to becoming a member of HARRA, which also serves as the umbrella organization for individual running clubs in the area.
While joining HARRA is not free, membership dues are often under $40. Some of the benefits include an Inside Texas Running subscription, discount programs and different competitions which are put together through the organization. Most of the running clubs in Houston are associated with HARRA, and many are affiliated with the Road Runners Club of America, also known as the RRCA. The RRCA sponsors yearly competitions for its members.  For more information on HARRA, visit their website here. There are also many cycling clubs in Houston. Cyclists often ride for the same reasons that runners run, reasons like exercise, health and recreation. Cycling clubs are often free to join.
All of these different clubs help the people in the area live a healthier and more active lifestyle, which is really a win-win for everyone.