In the last decade, we are seeing the growing popularity of go-karting. Rightly so, as it is a fun-seeking option. Either as a popular family activity or an adrenaline-producing ride for thrill-seekers, it appeals to everyone.

While it can be hard to spot go-kart tracks even in the most popular cities, Houston houses some amazing outdoor and indoor go-karting centers. Let’s take a closer look at the best go-kart racing tracks in Houston.

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5 Best Go-Karts in Houston

Track 21

Experience intense go-kart racing action at Track 21’s indoor go-karting facility. It offers two tracks with different layouts for adults and minors. If you’re an expert racer, you must race on its biggest 1/4 mile long track with 19 turns.

The highlight here is the SODI SR5 electric kart. Take it for a rental ride — the top speed is 45 mph on adult karts and 25 mph for junior karts.

K1 Speed

K1 Speed has one large go-kart racing track where you can race with 12 people at once. It offers electric OTL Storm EFD for adults, which produces less noise, is eco-friendly, and has quicker acceleration than others. While adult karts can hit 45 mph, junior karts reach 20 mph.

You can also book the facility to host events from small parties to corporate events.

Speedy’s Fast Track

If you’re looking for a great family entertainment place in Houston, Speedy’s is your best bet. You’ll never run out of options here — from mini golf and go-karts to laser tag and arcade. 

The go karting race track has thrilling twists and turns with safety measures in place. Beginners can choose between standard go-karts and super-karts. You can try their F1-Karts for a Formula 1 race car-like experience!

Go-Kart Raceway

The Go-Kart’s 3-way concrete outdoor racing track sets you up for some fun-filled bumps. You can ride either 1-Seater or 2-Seater go-karts, depending on the members. 

Choose among their gas-engined powered go karts, super karts, or 2-seater karts for an adventurous round of racing. 

Houston Grand Prix

Houston Grand Prix has 2 oval asphalt tracks and a larger concrete race track with many tricky twists and turns.

Designed for family fun, you can spend an adrenaline-filled afternoon at the race track, regardless of your karting skill level.

For a thrilling and faster experience, you can opt for their Super Car or Grand Prix Car go-karts. 

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