The city of Houston has over 350 parks. The best parks are scattered all throughout the city and offer a variety of fun and exciting recreation options. These parks are great for families to go the weekends to just relax and unwind. Parents can take their kids to these parks for endless hours of quality family fun.

People can also take their pets to many of the parks. Two of the best parks in Houston are Hermann Park and Sam Houston Park. These parks are both very old and have a lot of history behind them. They were two of the first parks in the Houston area.

Other great parks to take kids and pets include Reliant Park, Bear Creek Park, and Memorial Park. These parks are three of the best parks in Houston and are definitely worth taking trips to. They are visited by both locals and tourists. A few other parks in the area include Allen's Landing, Memorial Park de Houston, and the Bay Area Park. Visiting the Bay Area Park is one of the most fun things to do in Houston. It has always been considered to be a great park for families to go to together.

If one is looking to find a park with a lot of wildlife activity, then that person should definitely check out Brazos Bend State Park. Many birdwatchers and other people who enjoy watching wildlife spend a lot of time in this park. It is truly a place to escape the hectic life of fast-paced Houston and observe mother nature at work.

Because there are so many nice parks in Houston to choose from, it shouldn't be a problem to find one that offers exactly what one is looking for. All of these parks are unique and have so much to offer the community. Being outside is very refreshing for a lot of people, so a day spent out in the open air is considered by many to be both fun and therapeutic. Visiting a local park is definitely one of the best things to do in Houston.