Are you looking for where to eat nachos in Houston, Texas? If so, then this place is just for you.

Whether it's for game day or a birthday party, nachos are like that one snack you can't go wrong with. The snack, when combined with necessary spices, ingredients, veggies, and cheese, makes a delicious dish to try out. 

In fact, in Houston, Texas, restaurants, and bars have paced up their nacho game with more options. So, if you haven't tried out these Mexican restaurants in Houston for nachos, they are a must-visit:

Restaurant $
2700 S. Loop West, Houston TX, 77054
Chacho's serves delicious nacho dishes like pile high nachos that are topped off with sour cream and guacamole. You can gorge on other nacho snacks that are exclusively made with shredded chicken, chicken and black bean, picadillo ground beef, fajitas and more.

If you want to taste more deliciousness, try their Monster Kong nachos, which are made with beans, cheese, picadillo ground beef, and shredded chicken. Meat, veggies, or sauces, the superb dish has got it all. Dig in, and you wouldn't regret it.
Irish Pub- Kenneally's
Bar $
2111 S Shepherd Dr, Houston TX, 77019
A longtime pub that has a fantastic patio and a variety of beer, bar bites, and casual digs, Kenneally's Irish Pub has got the best of all worlds. Its Irish nachos are one of the best sellers, thanks to the delicious cream, cheese, and toppings. Foodies call their nachos an absolute bomb, and we can tell why!

If you want to try out something beyond nachos, you can choose from their vast menu. Truly a must-visit if you are into Mexican delicacies.
Candente Houston
Restaurant $$
4306 Yoakum Boulevard, Houston TX, 77006
Candente is a popular industrial-style Tex-Mex restaurant that serves the most sizable dishes and diverse cocktails. Their brisket nachos are made with crunchy and light tortillas, and juicy brisket is something you shouldn't miss on.

You can further combo this nacho dish with your side dish to enjoy the burst of flavors.
Hobbit Cafe
2243 Richmond Ave, Houston TX, 77098
While Hobbit Cafe is primarily known for its sandwiches, burger, and vegetarian grubs, the place also serves some delicious black bean nachos.

The delectable nacho dish is made with tortilla chips, black beans, jack cheese, jalapeno peppers, sour cream, and pico de gallo. Once you gorge on the dish, you will be able to savor delectable flavors to satisfy your palate.
El Tiempo Cantina | Vintage Park
Bar & Restaurant
114 Vintage Park Boulevard, Houston TX, 77070
El Tiempo Cantina defines the extraordinary flavors and culture of Tex Mex cuisine. For the past 55 years, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting every...