Due to its close proximity to Houston’s booming economy and all the treasures of The Gulf, Pasadena is becoming an increasingly popular place for tourists and Texas alike to consider calling home. While the Pasadena housing market is currently rated as “neutral” by Zillow, the average home value is on the rise, with an 8.6% uptick in the past year alone. Even with home values rising, the market in Pasadena is still exceptionally affordable, with the average home valued around $150,400. We’ve put together some top tips to sell your home in Pasadena, Texas and earn the best-possible offer on your house. 

Don’t Just Choose a Realtor®, Choose a Realtor® That Will Deliver Results!
All real estate agents aren’t cut from the same cloth. Some agents have an exceptional work ethic and pride themselves on going above-and-beyond for their clients while others may have gotten their real estate license in their spare time as simply a way to earn extra income. Fortunately for you, technology like the algorithm used by Effective Agents has made it easier than ever to find a top selling realtors® with home-closing results that speak for themselves. Effective Agents makes the process simple. All you have to do is provide basic information about the home you are selling and the algorithm automatically compiles a data-based list of Realtors® that have sold homes similar to yours for top price. It takes just a few minutes to find a top selling agent that will deliver great results.

Market to Transplants and Tourists
Pasadena is nestled cozily between the stunning shores of the Gulf of Mexico and Houston, Texas, America’s fourth-largest major city. You and your real estate agent should work together to make sure that your home is well-marketed to three important subsets of prospective buyers. First, you should market to people outside the immediate region that may be looking to relocate to Pasadena for the affordable housing prices that aren’t comparable to neighborhoods closer to Houston or The Gulf. Second, you want to make sure you are marketing to people outside Texas, especially snowbirds that are seeking to relocate to a warmer climate. Finally, don’t forget the tourists who will likely be enticed by Pasadena’s small-town lifestyle and easy access to nearby big-city offerings. 

Never, Ever Skimp on Photography Costs
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Great real estate pictures are literally worth thousands...of dollars. In today’s digital age, 95% of prospective buyers are going online to find their next home. Professional interior and exterior photography isn’t an option anymore’ it’s crucial to selling any home for the best price. Additionally, don’t just hire a professional photographer that has a wealth of experience working in real estate, but you should hire one that has capabilities to produce a high-quality video. Aerial photography and virtual reality capabilities are an added bonus. 

Deep Clean and Stage your Home
Deep clean every inch of your home. You never know where buyers who tour your home may look. Staging your home is a simple time investment that can reap major benefits when it comes to garnering an exceptional offer. A recent study showed the 81% of buyers found that home staging made the difference in whether they were able to envision the house as their future home.


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